2019: the next chapter and exciting things to come

I feel I have found my sweet spot as an endurance athlete and having ended up third in Europe recently in Ibiza, it has cemented my belief that there are wins and podiums in triathlon still to come. Bronze at the Europeans is no substitute for gold (though I always celebrate a podium) and I will be giving the ETU triathlon champs another bash in June 2019, amongst other high profile 70.3’s.

We have been building into pro triathlon for five years now and 2019 will be both my pinnacle and swansong year in elite triathlon. And then, we transition. I’ve been run-injury free for a long while. My legs are strong. It’s crazy thinking back to the 20 year old me, who couldn’t run for 2.5 years with constant shin pain, and bit by bit, they’ve healed and strengthened and finally, at this moment, I own set of legs that give me an opportunity. Looking to 2020 and beyond, the absolute clear goal is to go back to 1 day ultra endurance running (100miles on foot), a sport in which I’ll be considered (fairly!) young, with an eye to firstly go sub 16 hours, and then have a stab at the British record which is 14.43 and set back in 1990. Now that’s big talk, and I may not make it, but I think there’s a chance, and dreaming big is no bad thing. I am looking to keep my sponsor programme simple for 2019, and the formula is now in place to secure mutual, lasting, partnerships where the rewards are equal for both athlete and partner. I remain 100% focussed on ensuring that the brands that support me get good value and activity during the term. I always aim to give back more than I take, but it has to work both ways: the USP really is being able to make full use of the simply superb photos that and I can conjure up, both off and on the race course. As a copywriter, I myself have useful skills outside of race results. Financial support is key to securing the key branding opportunities for you, and podiums and records for us all. I have an opening to work with a couple of new key sponsors for the next year or two, who’d find benefit in both triathlon and high-performance ultra running (with a view to a longer-term deal should you wish!)

For reference; my complete race results record is here

So, if you’re in control of a marketing budget and want to know more, please email Darren (That Camera Man) at dwheeler@gouldinternational.co.uk.

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