January 26, 2015

‘It’s too late’.

My house mate wept into her morning porridge.

‘I hate my job. I have no savings and no place to call my own. I am single and I am nearing 30. My life is over’.

I sigh inwardly, a wisened 32 year old. How many times have I heard the despair of my ‘aged’ friends? After all, according to mainstream media, which focuses its energy on the young and beautiful, after 30 it’s all downhill. If you aren’t a fit, career-minded super...

January 10, 2015

The First of Jan, it's New Year’s Day,
A lovely time for rest and play.
Maybe extended time in bed,
Nursing a touch of ‘tender head’.
A big roast lunch, a laze around,
Watching some old film you found.

But there’s a certain type of fool,
Who likes to go against these rules.
They think, “oh, what a good idea
To do the opposite of beer,
And do a tri at Arthur’s Seat
To prove that we are totes elite”.

These silly people, barely clad,

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