July 29, 2015

Ode to Obsession

All Jack did each day was train,
From social norms he would abstain.
Triathlon was his total life,
Surprise, surprise, he had no wife.

He thought that bikes and gels and things,
Would give him all the joy life brings,
But when Jack did a race and lost it,
He took his bike – away he tossed it!

“What a foolish man I’ve been,
To think triathlon is the dream,
I’ll go and live a normal life,
And nab myself a decent wife.”

He ba...

July 21, 2015


Well, that was ok.


It seems such a long time out there but then it’s over in a flash. This is my third Ironman ever and it did go by quicker than the others, which is great as doing one is becoming less of a big deal.


It was the first Ironman I’ve actually prepared for and ‘raced’. No doubt I can go harder breathing-wise, but my legs need to catch up first! I had a real race on my hands with Ele in the final part of the run, which I l...

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