March 29, 2017

As featured on Tri247

“Great. A triathlon in mainland Portugal. I’ll do that.” A quick search for Madeira airport sent me way off to a Portuguese dot in the Atlantic ocean. Geography has never been my strong point.

But, with cheap direct flights from Gatwick, it was a very easy trip to the remote Madeira Island.

And what a scene to behold upon arrival. Madeira is as green and hilly as Scotland, but warmer, with dramatic coastlines and vas...

March 4, 2017

 - A secret insight into one of the world's leading triathlon squads.

Touchdown in Spain. Sunlight - check. Warmth - check. Training friends - check. Now this is the life! A solid two week block was on the menu: much needed after a winter of toil in the 'boring basement of dreams' at home in the U.K. 

My connection with Team Dillon grew very naturally; sealed mainly by a mutual love of post-race wine and magic shows. Yes, when not traini...

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